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Transparency specification

According to the certification requirements, we as a congress agency are obliged to inform potential participants of congresses about the extent of the industry's support in the run-up to the event. We are happy to comply with this obligation and inform you about the level of sponsorship of the participating companies:

AstraZeneca GmbH 1.500€ | Distalmotion SA 1.000€ | Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH 3.000€ | Medtronic 5.000€ | Nanostring 2.650€ | Nordmark Pharma 16.500€ | OncoSil Medical Europe GmbH 3.500€ | Servier 3.550€ | Swedish Orphan Biovitrum GmbH  2.900€ | 10xGenomics 550€

The total income from industry sponsorship amounts to 40.150€. This amount is used to cover the total costs of 49.700€ for marketing, technical equipment, course management, internal costs and overhead costs. None of the sponsors have had any influence on the choice of topics, speakers, content and forms of presentation.